Cusco, Peru

Buenos Aires,Argentina Cordoba,Argentina Sucre,Argentina Cursco,Peru Quito,Ecuadot Monteverde,Costa Rica Heredia,Costa Rica Flamingo Beach,Costa Rica Antigua,Guatemala Santiago de Cuba,Cuba Havana,CubaPeru is a country of borders with Ecuador, Colombia, Brazil, Bolivia, Chile and the Pacific Ocean. With a population of more than 25.000.000 indigenous, mestizo (mixed Indian and European blood), African, Japanese, Chinese and other mixed peoples, the country was the capital of the great Inca Empire. With two official languages (Spanish and indigenous Quechua), the country has three distinct regions, a narrow coastal belt (along the Pacific Ocean), the wide Andean mountains and the Amazon rainforest.

Peru is renowned as the land of the Incas, but many other great pre-Columbian civilizations flourished there, such as the Nazca and Moche. Visitors can see the ancient ruins of these civilizations in and around Cuzco.

This ancient city founded in 1100 AD was once the capital of the great Inca civilization and is home to magnificent examples of colonial and Inca architecture. The stone foundations of Inca temples are still visible in the colonial buildings in and around the city.

The variety of colonial Spanish and ancient Inca sites make the city a fascinating place to learn Spanish. The Spanish legacy has left the city a host of colonial arcades, churches such as La Merced and convents, while Inca sites like the Temple of the Sun dot the landscape with fabulous stonework and unique designs. Many international tourists are drawn to Cuzco for its proximity to the famous Machu Picchu ruins and the Inca Trail. Due to the high elevation, it is cold at night and cool during the day year-round. However, this can be a great excuse to seek out the many markets selling the beautiful wool sweaters and textiles of Peru.

Enforex Cuzco

The school occupies a large building on one of Cuzco's main avenues, Avenida El Sol, directly in front of the most important sites from pre-Colombian Cuzco, the Korikancha (Temple of the Sun). The building houses two full floors with about 15 classrooms, a video room, a full kitchen, an entertainment room and a sundeck. Our Cuzco school is conveniently located next to the main post-office, Internet cafes, banks, money exchanges, etc. It is about four blocks from the main square, the Plaza de Armas, the central meeting area of Cuzco (a great place to people watch!). Classes are held in rooms decorated with typical Peruvian handicrafts.

Programmes Offered

  • General Spanish Courses
    20 or 30 lessons per week. Maximum class size: 5. The focus in class is mostly on grammar and conversation. Classes start every Monday year-round.
  • One on one/private lesson
    The aim of this 20 lesson per web program is to offer a personalized method of teaching that is tailor made for the specific needs of the student. Classes are private.

Cuzco Accommodations
  • Homestays
    Families belong to Peru's middle class, although students should take note that living standards in Peru are generally lower than in Europe or North America. Family homes are located in neighborhoods usually no more than a 10 minute bus ride to school. Participants choosing to stay with a family should recognize that a certain degree of flexibility will be required to adjust to the Peruvian customs and way of life. Distance to school is normally a 20-minute walk. The rest are a 10-15 minute bus ride or 5-10 minute taxi ride to school. Students are offered a single room with the family that includes half board.
Cuzco Excursions & Activities

As part of the language program, we offer 3-4 organized activities every week. In addition, students will find a daily schedule of cultural events in Cuzco and surrounding areas, locations of theaters, museums, festivals as well as ticket prices are available.
  • Activities include
    Visits to local areas of interest, dance classes, cooking classes, cultural classes, Parties & Fiestas, Spanish languages videos & movies, Seminars & Discussion Groups
    Please Note: You may need to pay "out-of-pocket" expenses (bus fare, entrance fees, etc.) when activities take place outside of the school.
  • Excursions
    In cooperation with local tour operators, Casa de Lenguas (Enforex) can help you arrange excursions to different places of interest both locally and throughout Peru. These excursions range from several days (e.g. a weekend) to longer.





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