Antigua, Guatemala

Buenos Aires,Argentina Cordoba,Argentina Sucre,Argentina Cursco,Peru Quito,Ecuadot Monteverde,Costa Rica Heredia,Costa Rica Flamingo Beach,Costa Rica Antigua,Guatemala Santiago de Cuba,Cuba Havana,CubaGuatemala, a colorful and hospitable place of more than 11.000.000 indigenous and mestizo people, is recognized as the cultural center of the pre-Columbian Mayan world. As the origin of the mysterious Mayan Civilization and still predominately indigenous, the country offers some of the continent's richest folklore. The cultural blend of the Indigenous and Spanish peoples can be seen in many aspects of daily life. Ancient Maya rituals are intertwined with Catholicism and in addition to Spanish, residents speak more than 20 native languages or dialects.

Known as "La Antigua Ciudad de Guatemala", it was founded in 1543 as the country capital until repeated earthquakes and volcaniceruptions caused the capital to be transferred to present day Guatemala City. With a population of approximately 80.000, Antigua is surrounded by volcanoes and mountains and is considered to be one of the most beautiful colonial cities in all of Latin America. Filled with colonial Spanish churches and convents, the former Royal Customs House and indigenous-influenced colorful markets, it's charm and relaxed atmosphere attract language students and travelers from all parts of the world.
To accommodate this tourism, the city has abundant cafés, international restaurants, and lively nightlife.

Enforex Antigua

Our Spanish School is located just 4 blocks from the Plaza Central, Casa de Lenguas - Antigua occupies a traditional colonial style home with a large courtyard and garden. Classes are held in the 5 classrooms as well as in and around the garden. Additionally, there is a video and meeting room for afternoon activities. As everything is very central in Antigua, the school is within easy walking distance
to the homestays and all the attractions of Antigua.

Programmes Offered

  • General Spanish Courses
    20 or 30 lessons per week. Maximum class size: 4. The focus in class is mostly on grammar and conversation. Classes start Mondays year-round. We have 8 classrooms.
  • One on One course
    The aim of this 20 lesson per week program is to offer a personalized method of teaching that is tailor made for the specific needs of the student. Classes are private.

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