Monteverde , Costa Rica

Buenos Aires,Argentina Cordoba,Argentina Sucre,Argentina Cursco,Peru Quito,Ecuadot Monteverde,Costa Rica Heredia,Costa Rica Flamingo Beach,Costa Rica Antigua,Guatemala Santiago de Cuba,Cuba Havana,CubaWith a population of more than 3.000.000 people, Costa Rica is a political oasis of tranquility in Central America well known for its dedication to preserving its natural wonders and wildlife, just north of Panama. Because it is so tropical, the plants, flowers, and beaches are some of the most beautiful and unique in Latin America. The population is mostly descended from Spaniards, with African, indigenous and Chinese minorities.

Costa Rica is world famous for drawing tourists from all over the world to admire and enjoy its tropical beauty. It is country actively engaged in wildlife conversation and allows Enforex students to explore the tropics with minimal damage. Mostly coastline, Costa Rica offers students some of the best beaches and surfing in the region.

Monteverde is a small rural area that includes a cloud forest. The average daily temperature is 18 to 24° C (65 to 75° F). The climate is typically cool and at times wet. If you plan to visit during the rainy season (May - December), we recommend bringing rain gear and waterproof shoes or boots (especially if you plan to visit the reserves) as well as pants, long-sleeved shirts and a light jacket.

Enforex Monteverde

The Monteverde school was established in 1996. The Monteverde zone, which includes ten towns and 8,000 people, is situated on the Continental Divide at an elevation of 5,600 feet. The region is well known for its commitment to the sustainable development of the community and the conservation of the cloud forest reserves. This area is a rural region and is a 4-hour bus ride from San José. Buses travel daily to and
from Monteverde at 6:30 a.m. and 2:30 p.m.

Programmes Offered
  • General Spanish Courses
    20 lessons per week. Maximum class size: 5. The focus in class is mostly on grammar and conversation. Classes start every Monday year-round.
  • One on one lessons
    The aim of this 20 lesson per week program is to offer a personalized method of teaching that is tailor made for the specific needs of the student. Classes are private. (Limited availability in the summer months).

Monteverde Accommodations
  • Homestays
    Living with a selected host family in Costa Rica will enable the student to see and learn everything about the Costa Rican lifestyle with first hand experience of Costa Rican culture and traditions. Host families have been carefully chosen for this purpose and to ensure that students have a pleasant stay in Costa Rica. Students are treated as family members. Students are offered a single room with half board.
Monteverde Excursions & Activities

Monteverde offers abundant opportunities for hiking, bird watching, and exploring the local cloud forest reserves. Students can bathe in natural hot springs, ride horseback to see lava shooting from Arenal Volcano, and take weekend trips to the beaches of Guanacaste. In addition, local organizations sponsor weekly events, which include slide shows, movie nights, lectures, and sports. Monteverde also holds a yearly music festival in January, which features musical groups from all over Latin America.





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