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Ország Program Dátumok Ár (CAD) Nyelv
Kanada szemeszter augusztustól januárig
vagy januártól júniusig
Kanada tanév augusztustól júniusig 22.300-35.850

** Az ár a választott helyszíntől függ
Választható Kelowna (BC), Manitoba Saskatechewan, Prince Edwarts Island.



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Canada – “the big forest”

The giant country of Canada is almost like one huge national park. Of course there are big cities here as well but still it is for its wonderful nature that Canada is most known. The big forests, the crystal clear lakes, and the Rocky Mountains, which stretch a bit higher here than in the USA.

Canada is a great country that stretches over 5.000 square kilometers from New Foundland in the east to British Columbia in the west. The landscape consists of rocky mountains, alpine meadows, pretty blue lakes and lots of astoundingly beautiful scenery. Skiing, climbing, walking, cycling and life in the wilds are just a few of the leisure time activities that you can enjoy during your high school year in Canada.







Canadian High School

The Canadian school has 13 grades. As an exchange student you will be placed in the 10th, 11th or 12th grade, depending on your age, grades, maturity and the principal´s judgement.

There are two directions to choose from in the Canadian high school. One prepares the students for university studies and the other for training at a municipal college. Since Canada is a bilingual country you may choose between English and French.

In Canada most schools follow a two-semester school system, like most European schools, while some follow a three-semester school year. In the schools with a two-semester school system, you study three or four subjects per semester. In the schools with a three-semester school system, you study six to eight subjects per school year.

The schools in Canada are either owned by the local government or private. The private schools are Catholic and the students have to wear a school uniform. Other than that, there are not many differences between the two alternatives. Instruction is of equal value in both types of schools.

The grades are based on exams at the end of each semester. The various tests consist of essays, and written and oral examinations.
Canadian schools offer many different spare time activities: Sports are very popular in Canada and many students are involved in the school teams. Other activities are language clubs, student councils etc.

Most schools arrange school dances, carnivals, theme days and many other events for the students. School field trips are also part of the school activities, and various day trips and excursions to study a subject more carefully are made on a regular basis.
School start: Mid-September or the beginning of January



Canadian Spare Time Activities

The country’s magnificent nature makes it quite natural for the Canadians to spend lots of time outdoors. Thanks to the clear change of seasons there are a variety of exciting outdoor activities all year round.

With such incredible nature to enjoy, the Canadians often go out in the wilderness to walk during the summer. Camping, climbing and canoeing or kayaking are things that most Canadians appreciate.
Other popular summer sports are soccer, baseball, American football, golf, tennis, cycling, skate-boarding or inline skating.

During the winter the Canadians go skiing or snowboarding, cross-country skiing or perhaps just for a stroll in the countryside.
Canadians are very fond of skating and many people play ice hockey on the lakes during the winter. Even the smallest of communities have an indoor ice hockey rink and their own ice hockey team. With stars such as Gretsky, Lindros and Karya, the big dream of many young boys is to be able to play on one of the NHL teams some time. Women’s ice hockey is also a popular sport in Canada and many girls play ice hockey.

Just about every community has its own own indoor pool for swimming and water polo, diving etc. Naturally there are also gyms for weight lifting, aerobics and step up etc.



Canadian Family Life

The Canadians are considered one of the most friendly and generous people in the world. They are known for their hospitality and warmth towards foreign visitors. Don’t forget to thank them for their help or for their showing an interest in you.



Basic Facts Canada

Location: North America
Area: 9.200.000 square kilometers
Population: Approx. 29 million
Capital: Ottawa
Language: English and French
National Holiday: July 1
Celebrity: Wayne Gretsky

The country is divided into ten provinces: Yukon, British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan, Manitoba, Ontario, Quebec, New Brunswick, New Foundland and Prince Edwards Island. The North Western Territory is a gigantic part of the country situated north of the other provinces.
The national holiday, July 1st, is celebrated in commemoration of the Declaration of Independence in 1867. This was when, finally, they were rid of troublesome Frenchmen and British, even though Canada is still a member of the British Commonwealth.





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