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Thinking of learning English properly and
enjoying a Meditteranean climate?
Look no further than the very South of Europe!

The Island of Malta is situated between Sicily and the coast of North Africa. The sun shines the whole year round on its North African-like landscape. Malta has a more diverse culture, and has played a greater role in history, than almost any other island on earth. The Phoenicians, the Romans, the French and the British have all come and gone. Now it's your turn!

Today Malta is one of the most Catholic countries in the world; nowhere else are there so many religious holidays or so many churches per square mile. However, what makes Malta so interesting for a language course, is the legacy left behind by the British, who needed the island for its strategic value, well into the 1960s.

The entrance to our School in Malta.

Our Sprachcaffe school in Malta.

Just as in all other former colonies, the judicial system and British administration have remained in place. English is an official and cultural language. The education system is very British and Maltese language schools are greatly respected throughout Europe.

The Maltese mentality is basically Mediteranean - a cool mixture of Arabic, Italian, Spanish and British. They drive on the left (like in Britain) and they insist on having a siesta (like in Arabic countries and Spain). Otherwise the Maltese are tolerant and open minded, interested in all cultures.

School information
The school is simply breathtaking - a sight to behold! It is of unique architectural interest and was built at the beginning of the century. This striking, aesthetically pleasing stone edifice with its classical Greek-like structure and curves will not fail to impress you.

The school is located in a quiet part of St. Julian's Bay, yet close to its nightlife centre. The complex, comprising classrooms, apartments, restaurants, and gardens - not to mention the swimming pool and the beach volley pitch, is the perfect place in which both to study and relax. As the sun practically shines all year round, relaxation and leisure opportunities are almost unlimited.

Our School in Malta is very close to
St. Julian's, centre of nightlife.

Art and Culture:
Grandmaster's Palace in Valletta: the current seat of Parliament, sumptuous tapestries, collection of arms, paintings from the Turkish siege by Matteo Perez d´Aleccio. St. John´s Cathedral: splendid baroque interior decoration, in the oratorium Caravaggio´s masterpiece- "The beheading of John the Baptist". Malta Library: 300.000 books and prints, starting from the 12th century.

The Dingli Cliffs in the south are an impressive rocky reef. Neolithic temples on the main island of Malta near Tarxien and Hagar Qim. An excursion to the medieval city of Mdina is a must. The island of Gozo has a lot to offer: Calypso´s Cave (caves where Odysseus is supposed to have been held), Ggantija (the largest neolithic temple complex) and the Blue Grotto.

Above all, vegetables, soups and fish are specialities. There are two dishes which are singled out: Torta tal-Lampuki, cauliflower soufflé with Lampuki (fish) and stewed octopus, boiled squid.

Red wine such as "Lachryma Vitis" and "La Valette" are worth recommending.

The main streets for shopping are Republic and Merchants Street in Valletta.

More information at: http://www.malta.com/en



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