For Students from the European Union and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein and Switzerland

  • Paid or unpaid work experience
  • Minimum duration: 4 weeks' German language course + 4 (unpaid) or 8 (paid) weeks' work experience.
  • Maximum duration: 24 weeks' German language course; work experience up to 1 year. All variations within this framework are possible.

Paid Work Experience

Placement available for students from the European Union* and Norway, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Switzerland
*New EU-members: Poland, Czech Republic, Slovakia, Hungary, Slovenia, Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania - paid work experience possible from 2010

Paid work experience can only be granted to applicants with very good German skills.
  • Hotel management in Salzburg or Tyrol: front office, F&B assistant, kitchen help, hotel trainee (min. 6 months), hotel kindergarten.
  • Restaurants & catering in Vienna: waiter/waitress, bars, cafés, golf club (service), party service.
  • Ski instructor or Ski- and snowboard instructor: 10 days ski instructor course (starts on December 6th, 2009) or 15 days ski- and snowboard instructor course (starts on November 20th, 2009) in Salzburg / Kaprun. Prices on request!

Conditions of Employment (paid work experience)

  • Remuneration: min. EUR 290,- net per month for 40 hours work a week.
  • Working hours: 20 to 50 hours per week, one to two days off per week.
  • Accommodation: half board is mostly provided by the employer or financed by an appropriately higher salary.
  • Tips:EUR 7,- - 14,-/day is possible, depending on the nature of your work.
  • Accident insurance: is paid by the employer. Private insurance must be taken out to cover medical treatment, travel and leisure activities. Please also bring your E111 European Union insurance form or an equivalent private insurance document with you.

Unpaid Work Experience

Placement available for EU citizens and non-EU citizens.

  • Computing: CNC, CAD/CAM, software development.
  • Tourism & marketing: Austrian Airlines (ground staff), travel agencies.
  • Commerce: import/export firms, environmental consulting.
  • Research: university institutes.
  • Manual and art trades: carpenter, car mechanic.

Conditions of Employment (unpaid work experience)

  • Your job placement is unpaid, but you can gain valuable experience and perfect your German.
  • Accommodation costs: approx. EUR 150 - 200 / week
  • Many employers offer meals at subsidised prices or a free travel pass for public transport.
  • Working hours: approx. 20-40 hours per week, according to interest.
  • Private insurance must be taken out.