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Tourism in Salvador da Bahia

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Tourism in Salvador da Bahia

Located along the north-eastern coast of Brazil, Salvador da Bahia is a city of surprises.
Choose to travel back in time as you get lost in the city's winding alleys, learn new Capoiera
dance moves on the beach or just stroll along the moonlit pavements of the UNESCO World Heritage
Site of Pelourinho, the old city, and do not miss the crazy Tuesday-night street parties.

Salvador da Bahia is a perfect place for dense Brazilian history with numerous churches, the historic
lighthouse towering over the Barra area, and a bumpy elevator ride taking you from the Mercado Modelo
to the upper part of the city.

Being surrounded by beautiful tropical beaches, it is an ideal place for meeting local people and thus
practicing your communication and language fluency.

Salvador Climate & Weather

Although in Salvador it doesn't snow, the winter months, June, July and August can be very rainy and
nights are often cold. However, the tropical Bahia sun is very strong and even with the occasional sea
breezes and lower humidity, you have to use the sunblock all the time.

Salvador Shopping

If you decide to go shopping in Salvador, the Mercado Modelo is full of tourists, vendors, scents,
sights and sounds. Be sure to negotiate the prices with vendors on items like jewelry, instruments, clothes, gems...

Salvador Eating

Salvador has its own spicy and exotic cuisine. There are numerous restaurants with meals like Carne do Sol
(Meat of the Sun), a delicious salty soft meat or you can buy your food from street-sellers on just about
every corner. The portions of food are usually large so you can share them around the table with your friends
while chilling out in relaxing dining atmosphere.

Tourist Attractions in Salvador

Visit Pelourinho for its colonial architecture and take rides to its upper and lower cities. You can also go back
in time and see Bahia by Night at the Solar do Unh - a colonial mansion where you can dine and be entertained
by professional dancers.

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Saint Antonio da Barra Fort


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