Sample week at in Sevilla:

Grammar Objective: Simple Past
Function: Referring to past actions
  10.55-11.20   Coffee and toast
Ask for a book
  11.20-13.00   Subject: Hobbies and free time
Skills: Speaking, listening and reading
  16.00   Introductory walk around Sevilla:
Students will be shown both places of historical interest: Cathedral, Royal Palaces, Santa Cruz neighbourhood, as well as useful services: banks, post office, libraries, markets, etc.
Sports afternoon:
Students will be able to play football or basketball with the teachers.


  09.15-10.55   Grammar Objective: Por / Para
Function: Expressing Objectives and Intentions
  10.55-11.20   Coffee and toast
Sign up for the Internet
  11.20-13.00   Subject: Superstitions
Skills: Speaking, listening and reading
  16.00   Visit to the Alicia Vega flamenco school:
Alicia herself will give a guided tour of the school and her students will demonstrate some of the steps. There will be an opportunity to practise the dance and return home with a sense of the Spanish Rhythm.


  09.15-10.55   Grammar Objective: Imperative - You
Function: Asking others to do something
  10.55-11.20   Coffee and toast
Talk to the teachers
  11.20-13.00   Subject: Spanish cookery
Skills: Reading, writing, speaking and listening
  16.00    Visit to Italica:
The birthplace of the Emperors Hadrian and Trajano is located in the Roman city, 8km from Sevilla. A specialised guide will conduct the tour and the students will be able to contemplate the layout of the streets and houses, the mosaics and the spectacular amphitheatre.


  09.15-10.55   Grammar Objective: Modal verbs
Function: Offering & asking for help
  10.55-11.20   Coffee and toast
Ask for a Spanish exchange
  11.20-13.00   Subject: Spanish fairs
Skills: Listening and reading, Speaking and writing
  18.00   Optional Culture classes:
Spanish literature - extracts from texts throughout the ages.
Phonetics - especially effective for improving the diction of students at elementary level
Spanish History - a look at the history from Arab times to the present using videos and maps.


  09.15-10.55   Grammar Objective: Emphatic forms
Function: Accepting and refusing
  10.55-11.20   Coffee and toast
Plan the weekend
  11.20-13.00   Subject: Antonio Machado's biography
Skills: Reading, speaking, listening



Excursion to Cordoba with Teachers
The bus will leave from the school and in Cordoba there will be a visit to the Mezquite (Mosque), lunch in the Jewish Quarter and a visit to the historical quarter. Cordoba is a
2-hour journey from Seville and is a city which tells us much about the splendour of the Arabandaluz culture. As well as visiting a different city, students will be able to enjoy the Andalusian countryside from the bus including the olive groves and the indigenous vegetation typical of the region.
An unforgettable excursion that will allow students to understand the differences and similarities between the different Spanish regions





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